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Signcut Productivity Pro

SignCut is an efficient and flexible software for both professional and crafting use.
Signcut work closely with Thyme Graphics to ensure your Silver Bullet or Cougar will perform at the highest level possible.

Thyme Graphics is a certified retailer of Signcut
Perfectly adapted for both Mac and Windows it can be used together with over 720 different cutting plotter brands and in 19 different languages.

Compatible with Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw and Inkscape

System requirements -
  • PC: Windows 98 or higher (includes Windows 8)
  • Mac: OS X 10.39 or higher
  • Memory: 256MB System RAM
  • Hard Drive: 120MB or more free space
  • Output: Serial, Parallel or USB

  • Features -
  • Export plugins available for CorelDraw, Illustrator and Inkscape
  • PC: Windows 98 or higher (includes windows 8)
  • Mac: OS X 10.39 or higher
  • Cut by colour and any colour combination
  • Simple Contour cutting
  • Software blade offset compensation
  • Automatic tiling / paneling with optional overlap
  • Manual tiling / paneling with optional overlap
  • Plotter / cutter size calibration
  • Automatic stacking and placement on the vinyl
  • Scale to any size
  • Rotation and mirroring of the image
  • Weeding lines & weeding frame
  • Registration marks
  • Step by step cutting (No more vinyl feeding back and forth)
  • Preview (shows exactly the same data as is sent to the machine)
  • Test feed (pre-feeds the vinyl and also checks that tracking is ok).
  • Signcut have their own Signcut Academy and their own YouTube channel
    Download a weeks fully functioning trial here

    Signcut is available as a varying license length from one month the 8 years. Subscriptions require computers with internet access. Each license is intended to be used on a single computer and may be transferred five times.

    The SignCut Offline uses a dongle, which is a USB security key, and may be used as long as the hardware and operating system supports it. There is no limitation for switches between computers or any demand for Internet connection.
    Websupport and updates for 3 years are included as is a 1 year warranty. SignCut will, of course keep working as usual, even after the 3 years of free support and updates and warranty have expired, as long as it's supported by your operating system. After ordering SignCut Offline, delivery should take approximately 14 days. You will receive an email with a temporary license which you can use in the meantime.The dongle needs to be connected to the computer all the time in order to work properly.
    license length 1 month
    6 months (+£40.00)
    1 year (+£68.00)
    2 years (+£108.50)
    4 years (+£174.00)
    8 years (+£255.50)
    Signcut Offline. Price includes insured shipping (+£300.00)
    Price: £12.25



    Our BLACK CAT Converter!

    Now you can convert all those files that are just sitting there on your computer! Convert ANY file* to a format that most other software packages accept.
    Convert from gsd, knk, wpc, svg and from any file format with the option to print, they can all now be converted - EVEN print and cuts in full colour!
    Convert to Inkscape, Klic-N-Kut Studio and more**
    Click on DETAILS for more info and views

    *converts from any software with the option to print
    **converts to all software that accepts pdf

    Price: £10.25



    Now you can convert all those gsd files that are languishing on your computer! Convert ANY GSD file to a format that other software packages accept**.

    Or convert KNK to WPC, WPC to KNK, KNK to GRA etc! *
    (With the exception of print and cuts - as all colours are changed to black during the conversion process)

    Click on DETAILS for more info and views

    *converts from any software with the option to
    **converts to all software that accepts plt

    XP/Vista XP
    Price: £25.55

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